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Author's Notes: Just a little comfort fic for Lyn.

A Friend in Need



Daniel frowned absently at the research text showing tribal decorations on early ceramics... they looked vaguely familiar; he thought they resembled a pot recovered from PXJ-947. He took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes. With his allergies acting up again, he really felt miserable. He just wanted to finish this report and get home. His head felt full of cobwebs, his eyes itched, and his nose was stuffed, which beat running down his chin, but just barely.

Walking over to the artifact storage bins, he stretched up to grab the handle of the amphora-shaped jug in question, not wanting to bother with the rolling step-stool. The cubby for this planet wasn't too far out of reach. He caught hold, and pulled it down.

An iron ax-head came down with it. Seeing stars, Daniel staggered backward and fell over, striking his head on the way down.

Jack O'Neill walked down the darkened silent hallways. Kind of quiet. Kind of creepy. Daniel was the only one down here at the moment, Quinn had herded the rest of the geek patrol off to a dig on PXB-378, with SG-3 to babysit. Jack didn't envy them the duty, even if Makepeace was just working on his tan.

Speaking of babysitting, Daniel hadn't looked too steady the last time he'd emerged from his hobbit-hole in search of fresh coffee and snack food supplies. Jack happened to know the latest round of allergic reactions had worn the younger man out... and the allergy med had some whacky side-effects. Just good personnel management, making sure the kid got some real bed-rest, either driving him home if he was too woozy to make the trek himself, or at least reminding him that there were perfectly good VIP quarters on another level going to waste. Much more comfortable than that sprung couch in Break-Room 9.

He walked into Daniel's office and froze at the sight of the younger man lying on the floor, surrounded by shards of pottery. He knelt, and checked for a pulse. There was blood on Daniel's forehead, and some kind of metal thinggummy.

With a sigh, he went over to the phone and called the infirmary.

The next morning, he stopped by the infirmary, with a little gift for Daniel. He was disgruntled, a little embarrassed, and still slightly concussed. He didn't appreciate the gift Jack brought for him. It hadn't been easy to find a hardhat in Colorado Springs on a weeknight. But what are friends for?

~ End ~

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