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Author's Notes: Anyone else see Daylight Robbery on the Discovery Channel a few years back?

The Truth About Trees



Jack O'Neill stepped through the event horizon and took a deep breath of pure air, gazing out at the pastoral beauty of another unspoiled new world.

"If only we could contract the stargate out to the private sector," he sighed. "The lumber companies alone would make us all very very very rich."

SG-1 stepped through the stargate and started down the ramp, Daniel Jackson's gaze fixed on the temple pinnacle protruding through the treetops in the distance, chattering on and on about the various cultural styles present in the visible architecture. He slipped, and Teal'c caught him from falling. Sam Carter bent and picked up one of the many acorns scattered on the ramp, then looked around the clearing where the gate was set up. No overhanging branches. She shrugged, tossed the nut, and went after the guys.

The stargate was almost overgrown on a world where no humans had set foot in thousands upon thousands of years, although Earth-origin plants and animals had been seeded there in preparation for a Goa'uld slave colony.

It was fall here, harvest time, the final flux of life before winter's sleep. Fruit ripened, and rotted. Nuts fell.

The large brown squirrel, cheeks full, jumped up onto the stone pedestal, jumping from one inset plaque to another in random pattern. A fountain of light and the squirrel slid through, scampered down the ramp, and buried his cache, then hopped the right pattern for home, like millions of his forebears, secure in the knowledge that not all of his winter larder could possibly be raided by others. And it didn't matter if he forgot the location of a few, he had so many.

~ End ~

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