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Miracles — Daryl Banks is hurt and help comes from an unexpected source. A crossover with The Sentinel. Just Posted 12/11/03 (2/21/03; 11 K)

Changeling — A creepier look at the Asgaard. (1/4/03; 5 K)

Infirmary Blues — Answer to the challenge: Why wasn't Makepeace in two episodes featuring SG-3? (10/29/02; 5 K)

This Man's Army — An epilogue to Shades of Grey. WARNING: Very, very dark fic, adult themes, and a major character death. Very dark! (9/1/02; 5 K)

Exile — An amnesiac Sam Carter is rescued from a fate worse than death by a certain someone who may no longer be an officer, but remains a gentleman.

Once We Were Warriors — Makepeace, on technology theft. (6/11/02; 12 K)

A Friend in Need — Daniel-Jack comfort fic. (2/26/02; 4 K)

The Truth About Trees — A short, stupid fic I wrote in a doctor's waiting room. (5/16/01; 3 K)

The Circle of Life — It's a small world. This is a crossover with The Sentinel. (5/7/01; 9 K)

Ambushed by Memory — Just a little mood piece, and an attempt to see through Daniel's eyes. (5/1/01; 3 K)

The Ridiculous and the Obscure — Daniel Jackson's view of a colleague's actions. This is a crossover with The Sentinel. (6/20/00; 6 K)

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