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Cascade's Curse



Joe Astor sighed, half irritated, half guilty. He really didn't think it was right to use the multimillion dollar prototype as a taxi service; on the other hand, Frankie Waters put in a lot of overtime on the black-book project for the department, and he had to admit himself, being a gearhead and never being allowed near this masterpiece of engineering unless he was working on it... was like an alcoholic working in a bar.

And he sure as hell wasn't about to let the hotheaded Italian drive. So he put up with Waters' chatter about how the thing moved and cornered despite the armor plating, engine performance, and on and on until they pulled up to the main police garage... and Frankie, looking out the window at an unmarked car just pulling out into traffic began to mutter, "Oh no... no, no, no..." and leaned over, arming and firing the Electromagnetic pulse generator.

"What the...! Frankie, what the hell?" Joe stuttered as a bolt of force fried the car ahead of them.

Misunderstanding, Waters waved him off. "Hah! Trust me on this, Joe, redoing the electrical system coulda been the least of my worries. Thanks for the lift." He got out of the Viper and stormed up the street to where a tall man and a younger guy with shoulder length curly hair had just gotten out of the sedan and were staring at it in puzzlement.

"... didn't do anything to it, I was just driving..." the tall guy was complaining defensively to his partner.

Waters descended on the pair like an avenging angel. "Just move away from the car before, god knows, spontaneous combustion or something. What, you went through the entire fleet assigned downtown already, you gotta come down here and put your grubby accursed mitts on MY vehicles?"

The hapless driver raised his hands defensively as Frankie turned on a couple of curious mechanics who'd come out to see what was going on. "All right, who the hell let ELLISON into my motor pool?"

~ End ~

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