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Goodbye, Miss Priss



Passing the Forensics Department, Jim unintentionally eavesdropped, and grinned to himself at what he overheard in the office. "About time they did something about that obnoxious little tramp," he thought, and mood lightened, went on to Major Crimes.

She had thought her position in the department was secure, that she did her job more than adequately and thus she was untouchable. And now, after being called on the carpet by her superior, and being read a list of complaints and reprimands, she had what could only be described as a hissy fit.

"I know what this is all about! Politics! Just because I had a personal relationship with a member of Major Crimes that didn't work out, and since they're the elite of detectives, they think they can get away with trumping up these charges and that's harassment! I'm not going to stand for that, I'll sue—"

"Actually, I investigated your record personally. I'm new here. I like to know the people I'm working with. And I was appalled by the sort of things I found. You're already facing disciplinary action, and unless I see massive improvement in the next month, I may have to ask for your resignation."

Her mouth dropped open in enraged shock, and her next words came out in a shrill shriek. "What? What the hell are you talking about?"

"Your general attitude, and the personality conflict you've mentioned. You seem to have a, how do I put this... arrogance when dealing with the detectives. Forensics needs a good working relationship with the guys running the scene. I've gotten comments from all departments, not just Major Crimes, that the detectives prefer another tech on the scene. There are no complaints about the quality of your lab work, but no one wants to deal with you." The older woman behind the desk shuffled through several pages in the thick file in front of her. "What truly concerns me is that, in an unbelievably unprofessional display, you've actually endangered the life of an observer with the Major Crimes Unit. One Blair Sandburg."

"That's a lie, the little coward is just trying to get back at me because I wasn't interested in sleeping with him—"

"I have an official complaint signed by Detective James Ellison stating he witnessed the incident. Or is he lying too?"

They stared at each other, and she knew her role as the god-queen empress of forensics was over. She stomped her foot. "I don't have to take this. There's a demand for qualified personnel, I can get a better paying position anywhere. I quit!" And she turned and stomped out through the lab in a huff.

Serena Chang, who had quietly been running a soil sample, came over to stand in the office doorway.

Cassie Welles ran her hands over her face. "I hate having to do that."

"Don't be. We've been trying to get rid of Sam for years," Serena told her. "Buy you lunch?"

~ End ~

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