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Grocery List



ground beef

"You should try ostrich. Lower in fat, great flavor..."

"I don't eat animals that live at the zoo, Sandburg."

"Okay, man. Your arteries, your cholesterol level..."

lean ground beef


green peppers

1 jar Ragu sauce


Italian bread



bottled water

"You just going to the supermarket?"

"I was planning on it."

"'Cause if you were running errands, I need some more oat bran cereal, and tea."

Hearthstone Health Food: Purina hippie chow, chamomile tea

"If I go, I'll pick some up."

lg. can tuna

egg noodles

2 cans cream of mushroom soup

potato chips

"You're going to make tuna casserole again?"

"I like tuna casserole. What are you smirking at?"

"It's the 90's, Jim. Guys are allowed to cook."

stir fry veggies

"I cook."

"Oh, yeah. You cook. The same five recipes, over and over. Spaghetti. Tuna casserole. Stir fry chicken. Steak on the grill. Live a little, man. Experiment. Vary your diet. Variety is the spice of life."

"Sentinels and spice don't exactly go together, Chief. Spend a couple hours cooking something turns out I can't eat? Waste of time, waste of food, waste of money..."

"Nah, you just got to fiddle with the recipe a little, watch for stuff that'll bug you and adjust it. You like some of the stuff I cook. Next weekend, you're watching PBS. Julia Child, Justin Wilson, Jacques Pepin... Jim Ellison."

"I can cook, Sandburg. I've cooked a full Chinese dinner from scratch a couple times."

"You learned from Sally. Doesn't count."

"Who makes up the rules in this special little world of yours?"

"Guy-recipes that only use one or two ingredients, and stuff you learned how to cook when you were a kid don't count. I'm talking about opening up a cookbook and trying something you've never made before."

"You think I'm that predictable?"

"I know you are."

Shrimp. After the galloping gourmet goes to bed check for etouffee ingredients. No cayenne!

"Hey, Jim, weather looks good for the weekend, you know what we haven't done for a while? Camping. What say we head for the hills, get out of town, get some hiking and fishing in?"

"Works for me."

trail mix


extra ammo

butterfly bandages

antibac ointment

first aid kit

~ End ~

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