Disclaimer: My inner child says mine mine mine mine mine. But really, not.

Author's Notes: Thanks to Laurie for the title.

Little Jimmy Goes for a Walk



The young woman, unimpressed by surrounding scenes of pastoral beauty, idly turned the pages of a fashion magazine, falling into a light doze. Behind her, the very small boy building a fort out of blocks, toddled off after a butterfly.

The butterfly flew away. It was getting dark, and cold. And he was alone, hungry, and scared. He wanted his mommy and daddy, but he didn't know where they were.

The park ranger not involved in the search party tried to calm the frightened parents. "If we'd gone to a staffed resort like I wanted to, this never would have happened," the woman wailed.

"You only had to watch him alone for an hour while I was out on the lake, Grace. I know you always had nannies, but by God, if anything happens to him..."

"Daddy?" a small voice called and the adults fell silent, then swooped upon the wayward child.

After his mother had kissed him and his father had hugged the stuffing out of him and the ranger had patted him on the head, all three of them wanted to know how he'd found his way back to the cabin.

"I fawowed the bwack kitty," Jimmy explained.

~ End ~

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