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Spoilers: The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg

Author's Notes: For Izzy.

Target Practice



The firing range was almost empty, only two cadets had signed up to use it today. They were an odd pairing, one barely entering his twenties, the other just leaving them.


Darryl licked his lips nervously. He didn't think he'd ever get used to the way the gun bucked in his hands, the recoil.


Blair thought about an old gunfighter video game he'd played as a kid. Putting holes in a paper target was a game. But he knew someday it would be real. He'd be facing another person, life or death.


Darryl aimed more carefully. He didn't want to beat his dad's score, well, he didn't think he could beat his dad's score, but he wanted to make his dad proud of him. Dad still wasn't thrilled with him following in his footsteps, kept going on about college and scholarships, Darryl figured college would still be there when he was ready. He was just doing something useful while he figured some stuff out. And after seeing what Rainier did to Blair, he wanted to check out his school first.


Blair smiled wryly. Gun control had always been one of his mother's causes, and one of the ones he'd agreed with... it was kind of ironic that he was so good at this.


Darryl swallowed, trying to see the paper target as a bad guy, like this was for real. He didn't want to have to shoot anybody, and they said it was rare for police officers to draw their weapons in real life, not like TV. He thought about Kincaid, and pulled the trigger again.


Jim would be surprised at how well he doing at the academy... surprised and pleased. Poor guy had been walking around like he'd accidentally run over Blair's puppy... Blair himself was a little surprised at how little the loss of his academic life bothered him. Although at times Jim's suggestion that he have a press conference of his own, and they take the royalties and head for the beach, had its merits, in a way, he'd been moving toward this moment since the day he'd bluffed his way into that examining room as Doctor McKay.

The two cadets signed out for the day, and headed off for home.

"So how d'you think you're doing?"

"I did okay."

"Yeah. Same here."

~ End ~

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