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Warnings: A parody! I've been into the chocolate again. Bratty voice, pointing at Chryssalis... She's encouraging me... sorry, lack of sleep and laundry night tends to do this to me.

Author's Notes: An SA listsib wished everybody a safe and happy summer... even Jim and Blair. Considering what daily life is like for our boys... what would it take for them to have a safe and happy summer?

What Will We Write, What Will We Read?



It was an exceedingly odd three months. For Cascade. Blair went to the university. He was not kidnapped by angry ex-girlfriends, held hostage by students that wanted their grades changed, did not stumble into an on-campus drug-ring, discover a gambling den, or that one of his Prof's was smuggling ancient artifacts or that one of his students had been date-raped. He shopped at his favorite health food store and the Volvo did not break down in a bad part of town, he was not carjacked, the health food store was not held up while he was inside, and none of the products he bought had been tainted with banned pesticides nor held anything but the herbs listed in the ingredients.

Jim solved cases. When confronted suspects just confessed instead of leading him on long winding chases through inexplicable train yards, and when they did, he did not drop his gun during the struggle. He did not crash his truck, or cause any accidents to innocent motorists in a car chase. He did not accidentally handle any illegal substances and then fall over. He did not have any unusual problems with his senses, except for the night Blair brought home hot tamales instead of plain from La Paloma, but that can't really be considered an unusual problem, more of a normal one. He went out with a woman who did not attempt to kill him after the third date. The paperwork was easily completed and filed.

No rogue CIA agents, evil sentinels, members of the Alcante or Currasco family, or old army rivals turned mercenaries showed up unexpectedly.

They went fishing, and did not stumble on a survivalist camp, Bigfoot, a plane crash in the mountains, the boat did not sink, the cabin did not burn down, there were no wildfires, mudslides, avalanches, flashfloods or alien abductions. Blair did catch a salmon with his Cree fishing spear, but not as many as bit the hook on Jim's Graphite rod, so the argument of the benefits of tradition Vs technology had to be tabled.

The sun shone more often then it rained, but it wasn't uncomfortably hot or bright.

At the end of the three months, at midnight, Jim stood out on the balcony enjoying the sound of the bay, crickets and the stars. He was relaxed and happy and his Guide was relaxed and happier than he was. Which was only fair since normally Blair got more of the angst. It had been well worth the uncanny bargain with Outside Forces, he mused, and glanced vaguely upwards.

"That was nice, Bes. Thanks."


Jim nodded, and went upstairs to bed. The next morning he got out of bed, went over to his dresser, paused, and then dug out the scrap of paper with his lines on it, squinting.

"Oh. I think I've... Lost some weight. Yes. I'd better try on all my boxers to make sure they still fit. I may need some new pairs."

~ End ~

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