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The Sentinel
Stargate SG-1

A Sense of Honor Series
An alternate universe series which places Sentinel and Guide in the world and situations created by Lois McMaster Bujold in her Vorkosigan Adventure novels.

Background (Or go straight to the Stories)

    Not your typical space opera. In the books published by Lois McMaster Bujold under the 'A Vorkosigan Adventure' label, the author has created quite an interesting universe. In the far future, the human race has colonized several worlds: Jackson's Whole, where the worst parts of Mafia and Corporate culture have combined to make anything available, for a price; Cetaganda, where the levels of intrigue and court-politics interweave like the petals of a chrysanthemum; Beta Colony, founded by settlers from Southern California, and it shows in their culture;... and Barrayar.

    Cut off from the wormhole nexus by the unexpected collapse of the known wormhole route, Barrayar regressed, and fought its way back to a near-Victorian society before being rediscovered. The first of the books in this gripping, character-driven series, Cordelia's Honor, deals with the star-crossed romance of Cordelia Naismith of Beta Colony, and Commander Lord Aral Vorkosigan, as they meet shortly before their governments go to war. The series picks up sixteen years later with their son, Miles, born with several birth defects due to a poison gas attack on his parents before his birth. A crippled but brilliant military commander in a culture that prizes physical perfection to the point that most 'muties' are victims of infanticide, he is banned from attending the Imperial Academy, but Miles finds a way to serve his Empire (by accidentally taking over a mercenary fleet while visiting his grandmother) and the rest of the series... well... get to a library or a bookstore. Miles Vorkosigan has to be read to be believed.

    In any event, being a fan of the books, I began to see certain parallels with TS that inspired me to attempt the crossover. Jim is a Barrayaran 'mutie' hiding his senses to pass for normal. The excessively egalitarian Beta Colony was the perfect background for Blair. I began the crossover at the beginning, weaving events of the pilot and the first novel together. There may be inside jokes or double layers of meaning you won't get if you haven't read the books, but I tried to keep enough exposition in the plot.

    All you really need to know is that this is an AU set in the far future—with space travel and other sci-fi gadgets—but the culture of the planet is almost Victorian, ruled by feudal relationships. Thanks for reading.

Stories listed in order within the series.

SH (1) A Sense of Honor One — Lt. Commander Blair Sandburg of the Betan Expeditionary Force finds his life-long dream in an aristocratic prisoner of war. (10/8/00; 48 K)

SH (2) A Sense of Honor Two — A direct continuation of Part One. (3/26/01; 56 K)

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