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The Sentinel
Stargate SG-1

The Sparrowhawk Sandburg Series
An alternate universe series featuring Blair's half-sister, Sparrowhawk Rainbow Sandburg.

Stories listed in order within the series.

SS (1) Sandburg's Sister — Blair's half-sister comes to Cascade hoping for a family reunion... if Jim can keep her alive long enough. (Spring 99; 51 K)

SS (2) Mimsy's Wedding — Blair's and Beau's cousin is getting married; Beau and Jim are getting better acquainted. Rated PG-15 for a non-explicit m/f love scene. (9/20/99; 65 K)

SS (3) Girl Guide — Blair goes to London to follow up some obscure sentinel references and Beau is called upon to play temporary guide. (2/1/00; 118 K)

SS (4) The Tribal Guardians by Blair Sandburg — Blair finishes his dissertation and decides what he really wants to do. (2/1/00; 22 K)

SS (5) Erogenous Zone — Jim and Beau... get together. Rated NC-17 for an explicit m/f love scene. (2/1/00; 30 K)

SS (6) It Runs in the Family — Jim and Beau have a little accident. (3/18/00; 139 K)

SS (7) Law of the Jungle — Alex is back. (3/18/00; 14 K)

SS (8) Parenthood — A quiet family dinner with the Ellison-Sandburgs as seen through William and Naomi's eyes. (3/18/00; 13 K)

SS (9) Hearts and Flowers — Blair ponders 'True Love.' (9/11/00; 33 K)

SS (10) Serendipity — A day with Naomi. (9/11/00; 14 K)

SS (11) Quality Time — Jim spends some quality time with his son. (9/11/00; 11 K)

SS (12) Three Cops and a Baby — Jim plays Mr. Mom. (1/29/01; 120 K)

SS (13) Brothers in Arms — Blair gets kidnapped. Again. (2/11/02; 71 K)

Pillow Talk — A non-sequential series of stories in which Jim relates episode events to his consort.

SS Deep Water — Pillow talk about Deep Water. (10/19/00; 15 K)

Scenes from the Cutting Room Floor:

SS Snapshots — Bits and pieces, scraps and scenes that might make it into a full fic someday. (11/10/99; 10 K)

SS World War II Drabbles — Angsty little drabbles related to WWII. (11/11/99; 9 K)

SS A Letter from Mimsy — Mimsy writes a letter to Blair. Not part of the 'official' Sparrowhawk Sandburg universe. (6/16/01; 12 K)


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