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In a Land of Shadow 
| Full Story | ~ OR ~ | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5, Conclusion | — Blair is missing, Jim is desperate, Doyle's on a cliff edge, and Bodie's holding a fifteen-year-old grudge... so who's making love not war? This story takes place in current time, and is a crossover with The Sentinel. (4/18/06, 445 K)

Stockholm Syndrome — When Doyle takes part in busting one of Bodie's old mates, their partnership looks to be heading for trouble. (8/25/05; 91 K)

A Pugnacious Angel — Written for the PROSFanFic List Lyric Wheel #3, devoted to friendship and partnership, and based on the Billy Joel's I Like You Just the Way You Are. (1/15/03; 87 K)

Sorry, Bodie — Marty considers malign fate. Response to the Combination Challenge. (8/16/02; 20 K)

Cowley's Irregulars — Set in an alternative timeline: Bodie and Doyle fight corruption in a very different London. (11/7/01; 57 K)

The Hippy-Goldilocks Universe — These stories are crossovers between The Sentinel and The Professionals, with strong elements from Susan Foster's GDP sentinel universe (thanks, Susan!).

    You Watch the Hippy, I'll Take Goldilocks — This is definitely AU, or to borrow a metaphor from Terry Pratchett, down a different leg of the tight jeans of time. (6/29/01; 271 K)

    Rogues — There's some new technology in Cascade, Washington, and everybody wants a piece of the action. (7/26/02; 257 K)

    Fear — From Christmassy Cascade to falling over a cliff—the trail takes Jim and Blair across the Atlantic. (12/17/02; 116 K)

Double Take — Written for PROSFanFic List Lyric Wheel #2; based on Duran, Duran's Careless Memories. (5/26/01; 14 K)

Biscuits — Just a bit of fun with the alphabet. (1/20/01; 4 K)

Oh No We Didn't... — In which Bodie and Doyle get their just desserts — and it's not plum pudding! A Christmas story. (12/22/00; 29 K)

Where I Can Cross Over — Bodie wants his partner back, even if he has to kidnap him and go on the run. Written for the PROSFanFic List Lyric Wheel and based on the song Evening Falls by Enya. (12/1/00; 68 K)

Private Danger — A kidnapped Doyle, revenge on Cowley, and the first CI5 stripper. (7/20/00; 48 K)

Remember Me — Bodie's gone, and only Doyle believes he didn't choose to go. (5/28/00; 145 K)

While the Dust Settles — A tag for the episode A Stirring of Dust. (4/28/00; 15 K)

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