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When the Wolf and the Grey Wolf Meet — When a series of strange attacks hit Cascade's Maritime Park, even a sentinel and his guide may be glad of some unexpected help. Crossover with Supernatural.Posted 7/21/08 (7/14/08; 97 K)

Night of the Triffids — When Jim and Blair are invited by Federal agents to a tropical island, the only question is how much can go wrong? Sequal of sorts to Arnaud You Don't and a crossover with The Invisible Man, most recent version. Posted 7/1/08 (7/19/05; 71 K)

Womack and the Hands of Blue — "He's been around the block, and likely beaten up everybody on it." But that's nothing to what he'll do to Blair! A Sentinel AU based on an episode of (and is therefore a crossover with) Joss Whedon's Firefly. (3/9/07; 87 K)

Four YearsHe'd had four long years of not thinking about Jim, of not remembering being a reject as a guide and a friend and even as someone to trust. Written for the Sentinelangst "Where are they now?" November Themefic. (2/21/07; 37 K)

In a Land of Shadow 
| Full Story | ~ OR ~ | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5, Conclusion | — Blair is missing, Jim is desperate, Doyle's on a cliff edge, and Bodie's holding a fifteen-year-old grudge... so who's making love not war? Crossover with a current-time The Professionals. (4/18/06, 445 K)

Tibbles to the Rescue — In which Tibbles shows his heroic side, Blair has no more sense than a kitten, and Jim is Supercat. (12/20/04; 15 K)

Swing High — "Jim would like to rip the guy's head off. Blair found that reprehensibly comforting." (7/23/04; 32 K)

Arnaud You Don't! — Can a Sentinel sense an Invisible Man? Crossover with The Invisible Man, most recent version. (10/14/04; 46 K)

Demolition Men 
| Full Story | ~ OR ~ | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | — Jim and Chris dead? Vin is the only one who doesn't believe it. A sequel to The Compassion Trap and a crossover with The Magnificent Seven. (3/31/04, 304 K)

A Second Chance — "There was no heartbeat beneath Jim's hand. Blair's body was as cold and lifeless as it looked..." A tag for Second Chance. (6/20/04; 16 K)

The Compassion Trap 
| Full Story | ~ OR ~ | Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Epilogue | — Blair and Vin are lost to a secret from their past, but Jim and Chris find formidable help in each other while searching for their missing friends. Crossover with The Magnificent Seven. (7/14/03, Epilogue-10/1/03; 601 K)

Below the Surface Stream — A tag for Mirror Image. (10/9/02; 25 K)

Payback's a Banana — Jim has to deal with even more monkey business in this epilogue to The Debt. (5/8/02; 28 K)

When the Other Man's Shoes Don't Fit — Blair gets to walk the proverbial mile in Jim's shoes. (2/28/02; 30 K)

New Year, Old Sentinel — New Year's Eve at the loft. (12/31/01; 9 K)

The Hippy-Goldilocks Universe — These stories are crossovers between The Sentinel and The Professionals, with strong elements from Susan Foster's GDP sentinel universe (thanks, Susan!).

    You Watch the Hippy, I'll Take Goldilocks — This is definitely AU, or to borrow a metaphor from Terry Pratchett, down a different leg of the tight jeans of time. (6/29/01; 271 K)

    Rogues — There's some new technology in Cascade, Washington, and everybody wants a piece of the action. (7/26/02; 257 K)

    Fear — From Christmassy Cascade to falling over a cliff—the trail takes Jim and Blair across the Atlantic. (12/17/02; 116 K)

I Liked That Toothbrush — Blair is already juggling studying, teaching, observing, and two blondes and a redhead... when Jim becomes the housewife from hell. (5/4/01; 31 K)

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