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Early in 2003, Mackie and Hephaistos created a special website devoted to Lord of the Rings fan fiction based on the movie universe (though all book canon—when not contradictory to movie canon—is adhered to as much as possible). While we greatly appreciate the works of Tolkien and his incredible contribution to the world of literary fantasy, it was the recent movies by Peter Jackson that inspired us to write.

All stories at this site are written in the same canon/fanon universe which we call "Sen-O-Gwend", Sindarin for "It's about friendship" (which should be familiar to Sentinel fans). Mackie and Hephaistos are joined also by SueB, who specializes in stories dealing with Gondor's stewards.

Enter Sen-O-Gwend

Stories by Hephaistos at Sen-O-Gwend:
Honor 03/29/03 14 K
The events leading up to Legolas's argument with Aragorn in the armory at Helm's Deep; a companion piece to Mackie's Hope. [3rd Age, War of the Ring; Missing Scenes from The Two Towers]

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