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Regular Old Stories
Uneasy Alliance 05/17/02 97 K
Co-Authored with DawnC, Jmas, Jennifer Krall, and Sealie 
What do you get when you mix an anthropologist and an archaeologist, let them simmer, then add a smattering of bad guys followed by current Air Force and ex-Army en flambe? A crossover with The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1, of course!
One Fish, Two Fish, Nem Fish, Blue Fish 08/01/01 8 K
The episode Fire and Water, written in verse.
On Level Ground 08/01/01 6 K
A sort of non-story in answer to all those wonderfully frustrating, posted-in-parts cliffhangers we enjoy on the fiction lists.

Virtual Season Episodes
VirtualGate Productions
SG6-09: The Little Shop of Horus
SG1 investigates a high-tech facility mysteriously located on a deserted desert planet.

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