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Regular Old Stories
Uneasy Alliance 05/17/02 97 K
Co-Authored with DawnC, Jmas, Jennifer Krall, and Sealie 
What do you get when you mix an anthropologist and an archaeologist, let them simmer, then add a smattering of bad guys followed by current Air Force and ex-Army en flambe? A crossover with The Sentinel and Stargate SG-1, of course!
Something to Talk About 03/07/00 10 K
A fine example of how rumors get started.
Cherry Bombs 04/11/99 71 K
Co-Authored with DawnC 
An accidentally inebriated Blair gets involved in one of Simon's cases.
Auld Lang Syne All Over Again 01/01/99 15 K
New Year's Day is just another day at the office.
The Great Escape 10/28/98 69 K
Blair escapes protective custody once too often, so the detectives of Major Crime take drastic action.
Into the Madding Crowd 09/27/98 25 K
All Blair wants to do is get home and sleep after a lousy trip, but the fates conspire against him.

Virtual Season Episodes
Novation Productions
N5-6: And the Password Is...
Co-Authored with DawnC 
Jim and Blair protect a witness, and the mayor decides to make some changes with Major Crime.
Novation Productions
N5-4: Upstairs, Downstairs
While Henri and Rafe investigate a bizarre serial bomber, Jim and Blair deal with a few life issues—and surprises.
Black Panther Productions: Cascade Virtual Tales
CVT-615: Proper Procedure
Co-Authored with Alberte 
After Jim and Blair ignore procedures one time too many, Simon decides his best detective team needs to be taught a lesson. He assigns them a civilian ride-along, and a very safe, very boring task to help prepare for Cascade's upcoming Sesquicentennial celebration. Safe? Boring? Simon should have known better.
Black Panther Productions: Cascade Virtual Tales
CVT-522: The Janus Effect
Co-Authored with Mackie 
While investigating a series of violent home invasions, Sandburg starts to exhibit very un-Sandburg-like behavior.
Faux Paws Productions
FPP-520: The Kindness of Strangers
Co-Authored with Mackie 
Every season must have its obligatory "In the Woods" episode. This is FPP's.
Black Panther Productions: Cascade Virtual Tales
CVT-514: Tales of the Heart Decisions (Rafe's Story)
Various Authors (each wrote a different "memory") 
With almost no criminal activity due to a blistery winter front, the members of Major Crime reminisce about their experiences surrounding a certain holiday.
Faux Paws Productions
FPP-514: The Baboon's Foot
An archeological artifact in Jim's possession appears to have magical powers, tempting the detectives from Major Crime. Results, however, are never quite what they expect.

Missing Scenes and Epilogues
The Intrepid Sentinel 08/01/01 10 K
An epilogue to DawnC's story, The Intrepid Anthropologist, written and posted with her permission. Be warned! This is pure fluff.
A Thousand Words 05/28/99 16 K
Another follow-up to The Sentinel by Blair Sandburg.

Works in Progress
One Defining Moment 11/27/98 36 K
A severely beaten Rafe has no memory of being attacked, and no idea what happened to his camping buddies, Henri and Blair. (WORK IN PROGRESS!)

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