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All stories on this page are GEN. Please observe additional notes, warnings, and spoilers at the top of each story page. Unless otherwise noted, all of Izzy's gen stories were originally posted to, and exclusive to, the SentinelAngst List, a wonderful place to foster friendship and encourage lots and lots of writing.

Stories listed from newest (top of page) to oldest (bottom of page) within each category.

Stand-Alone Stories (Gen) Top
Cockroach! Cockroach! Cockroach!
    An exercise in RRUFF: "Really Rotton Ugly Fan Fiction," following the tradition of Bulwer-Lytton (of "It was a dark and stormy night..." fame). (7/2/02; 24 K)

Vertically Challenged

    On the Police Academy obstacle course, Blair must face The Wall. (8/29/01; 21 K)


    Only Jim would complain about an undercover assignment in paradise. (7/23/01; 8 K)


    A cold and wet snippet. (5/1/01; 2 K)

The Toast

    A Valentine's Day story. (2/14/01; 10 K)

The Proper Perspective

    When a difficult case is assigned to a joint task force, a Homicide cop with a chip on his shoulder challenges Blair to prove himself. (1/31/01; 67 K)
Content Jim

Smiling Blair

Confused Simon

Why Blair Flunked Out of the Police Academy
    Only Blair... (1/5/01; 8 K)

The Date

    Jim has a big date planned, and turns to the master for help in using his senses to his advantage. (12/31/00; 9 K)

The Poor Little Match Boy

    A Christmas story. (12/25/00; 26 K)


    What in the world could possibly lead Jim to attack Blair? (11/21/00; 88 K)

Nothin' but Air

    Three gorgeous guys, basketball, and skin-tight lurex. (11/9/00; 28 K)

Canis Dirus

    Blair Sandburg is resurrected at the fountain, leaving Jim Ellison a haunted man. (10/31/00; 34 K)


    When there is no easy way out, to whom does one's first loyalty lie? (10/11/00; 9 K)

Litter Control

    Alex Barnes is missing, and Jim and Blair come to a terrifying realization. This story deals with mature themes; reader discretion is advised. (10/1/00; 32 K)

A Hero to His Men

    Captain Simon Banks' finest hour (a sort of AU, non-canonical kind of story). (9/3/00; 9 K)


    Sabotage at the Pacific Rim International Fireworks Extravaganza has Jim partner with Joel, and Blair desperate to reach them. (7/31/00; 86 K)

Three Happy People

    Three people take advantage of a sunny summer day. This story deals with mature themes; reader discretion is advised. (6/4/00; 15 K)

Just Foolin' Around

    It's April Fool's Day and Jim's love life gets interesting. (4/27/00; 19 K)

Golden Opportunity

    The price of "free money." (3/31/00; 60 K)

Computer Ease

    A reality-based story, believe it or not. The magic date of January 1, 2000, causes sturm und drang for Major Crimes. (12/31/99; 18 K)

Morality Tale

    When the Shaman takes the law into his own hands, what's a Sentinel to do? This story deals with mature themes; reader discretion is advised. (11/25/99; 30 K)

By Fair or Fowl Means

    Response to the CascadeTimes 1999 Thanksgiving Challenge. Jim and Blair must win a race to defend Major Crimes' honour. Co-starring Dirk the Duck. (11/25/99; 29 K)

Permutations and Combinations

    Henri Brown looks back on a day of tragedy. Rated R for potentially disturbing content; also includes the permanent disability of a minor canon character. (11/24/99; 9 K)


    When a listsib falls ill, so does Blair. (11/2/99; 14 K)


    The Major Crimes gang, sans Jim and Blair, start a pool. (10/29/99; 7 K)

Everybody Dies

    The worst befalls Cascade. Warning: Death! (9/23/99; 4 K)


    An argument over shower rights has Jim and Blair at each other's throats. (7/29/99; 5 K)

Rank and File

    Simon stands a hospital vigil. (7/29/99; 3 K)

Drabble Collection

    Drabble #1
      Jim's thoughts about Blair in the aftermath of a hostage-taking. Originally posted to the CascadeTimes List. (4/12/99; 2 K)

    Drabble #2

      Blair's thoughts about Jim when a case goes bad. A slightly edited version from the one originally posted to the CascadeTimes List. (4/2199; 2 K)

Missing Scenes and Epilogues (Gen) Top
The Sinner in the Saint
    In the wake of Siege, Simon's emotions are mixed and raging. (11/27/02; 7 K)


    When Blair is arrested for drug smuggling, will the tragic consequences tear apart Sentinel and Guide? An alternative ending to The Girl Next Door. This story deals with mature and disturbing themes; reader discretion is advised. (1/25/01; 19 K)

The Great and Terrible Oz

    A nightmare shakes Jim to the core of his being. An epilogue for The Killers. (1/1/01; 7 K)

Muffled Laughter and Loud Smiles

    A meeting that never took place but should have. An AU epilogue to Siege. (5/31/00; 17 K)

The Freeing

    Starksville leaves its mark on Jim, and it's up to Blair to remove it. An epilogue to Prisoner X. (3/1/00; 24 K)

Virtual Season Episodes (Gen) Top
N6-04: Detecting Sandburg
    A Virtual Episode for Novation Productions
    A "missing" episode. Jim was sure Blair'd said "seven days." He was sure he'd heard "seven days and I'll be out of your hair." What happened? (7/17/03)

N6-03: Salamander

    A Virtual Episode for Novation Productions
    On the eve of the millennium, Jim and Blair are trapped on a mysterious island. (1/3/03)

N6-02: Eternal Justice

    A Virtual Episode for Novation Productions
    A string of murders bears an uncanny resemblance to killings committed over a century ago. Is someone emulating a master or is something supernatural at work? Halloween episode. Rated R. (10/31/02)

N5-13: Special Delivery (Epilogue)

    A Virtual Episode for Novation Productions
    Main story by DawnC and Alberte. Season finale! Blair's graduation approaches, but a set-up may jeopardize his future. (3/6/02)

N5-12: Tinderbox Co-Authored with Linda3

    A Virtual Episode for Novation Productions
    When a disturbing arson case sets Jim and Blair at each other's throat, tempers flare, threatening to turn their friendship to ashes. (12/20/01)

N5-5: Clarity (Epilogue)

    A Virtual Episode for Novation Productions
    Main story by CarolROI. Jim and Blair investigate the source of a new and dangerous drug that has hit Cascade. (5/4/01)

Poetry (Gen) Top
To W.E., on Father's Day
    A note from son to father. (6/18/00; 2 K)

Works in Progress (Gen) Top
The Centurion
    A Roman aristocrat acquires a unique new slave. Rated R for adult themes and violence typical for that era.

          Book One

          Book Two

    • Chapter 5 (8/15/03; 24 K)
            Just Posted 8/15/03

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