Disclaimer: The Sentinel and its characters are completely the property of Paramount and Pet Fly Productions. I use them out of reverence, solely for fun and not for profit.

Spoilers: Slight mention of plot points from many episodes.

Warnings: Death of major characters (note title <g>).

Author's Notes: Okay, here's my entry into the black humour-in-angst stakes. Be warned—everybody dies.

Everybody Dies



A flash of red, the very hue of cherries—scent of almonds—flavour sweet, tart—flesh firm and juicy—sound of Juggernaut rumbling doom down a silent road.

A strong, compact body commanded him, pulled him around, pulled him half out of the zone, threw him down on the ground, gave him new stimuli to focus on, stretched out protectively overtop of his body, and died above him, ripped from stem to stern by the garbage truck's undercarriage.

It was too much. The Sentinel zoned on the red blood, warm on his skin, life-heat, cooling to death-chill, odour of copper and Sandburg, his own blood (dripping from the gravel cuts stinging his lips) filling his mouth with copper too, the sound of a heartbeat slowing, faltering, stopping...

There was no one to pull Jim Ellison out of his zone. Blair Sandburg, Destiny's appointed Guide, had died saving Jim's life. First appointed duty of a Guide, fulfilled but at such a cost the tribute had no meaning. Jim Ellison lasted a month in his state of "catatonia" hooked up to IV lines and respiration equipment before his own heart slowed, faltered, stopped.

Joel Taggart, captain of the Bomb Squad, took over the Switchman case. Balked of her chance at revenge against the man she blamed for her father's death, Veronica Serris took what she could get: Jim's colleagues. She led Joel and his men a merry dance before blowing up a bobby-trapped building in the warehouse district, taking Taggart and the brave bomb team with her into the beyond. All believed she had gone straight to Hell and the others, the heroes, straight to heaven.

At least, that's what Simon Banks and Henri Brown believed. Their faith was what sustained them when the two deaths of the best and brightest men they knew, Jim Ellison and Joel Taggart, occurred. They did not have long before their faith was tested in their own lives. They were still dealing with the paperwork on the Serris case when Kincaid's Krazies storm-trooped their way into police headquarters and succeeded in mowing down the rest of the Major Crime Squad. Henri, Simon, Simon's little son Daryl and his secretary Rhonda, all were killed in the line of duty, trying to take back control of the situation from a madman who liked no other colour than white.

Rafe van Rij was one of the men transferred over to the newly re-organised Major Crimes department after the loss of so many of its mainstays. He never got the chance to know Jim Ellison, Henri Brown, Simon Banks or Joel Taggart, but he was fashioned from the same bolt of cloth as they: true blue. All but his life's blood. That was as red as Blair Sandburg's and the rest, as was proved when David Lash focussed his maniacal desire to "become" a person with a real identity. Rafe was found dead in his shower, scarred from the battle he had put up against the psychopath, a bloodied yellow scarf draped over the rod.

A few years later, all of them were just a legend in the Department. Inspector Megan Conner listened to the stories and gave silent thanks for the bravery of those who had gone before, hoping that she would prove as stalwart if, when, her time came. As come it must. And it did. She had never heard of Sentinels. Alex Barnes was merely a talented thief to the Australian. Until Alex Barnes became her murderer. One too many canisters of VX gas proved too great a temptation for the rogue Sentinel. She decided to roadtest it on Cascade.

It was the end for Megan Conner. It was the end for Cascade. It was the end.

~ End ~

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