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This is where I house all my fanfiction for the series The Sentinel. I really look forward to hearing what you think about my literary (and I use the term loosely <g>) efforts. Please feel free to contact me with any criticism (so I know what I'm doing wrong), lavish praise (so I know what I'm doing right), and any and all comments in general. I want this site to be as reader-friendly as possible so please let me know if you have any problems with any part of it. Now go enjoy yourself and let me know what you think.

General Disclaimer for My Stories: All recognizable characters and locations belong to Pet Fly and Paramount. These stories are written purely for the entertainment of the writer and the readers. If any money changed hands, someone forgot to tell me.

  Stories listed from oldest (top of page) to newest (bottom of page). Go directly to the Newest Story, posted 9/27/07.

Lean Lean on Me (8/31/99; 32 K)

This story takes place early on in the relationship. As Jim tries to help Blair through a devastating personal crisis he begins to realize how much the young grad student has come to mean to him.

Food Food For Thought (12/18/99; 59 K)

This story takes place shortly after Blair moves into the loft. Blair's strange behavior puzzles, then worries Jim.

Rain Driving Rain (9/12/00, 169 K)

Alternate Universe... Jim and Blair first meet when Jim picks up a hitchhiking college student while driving back to Cascade during a severe rain storm. Part 1 features a beautiful illustration by the very talented Lupe, whose other drawings are located at Lupe's Sentinel Art. I am very grateful for this wonderful addition to this story!

Sleeping While You Were Sleeping (9/23/00; 6 K)

Jim unexpectedly realizes something very early one morning.

Christmas Unboxing Christmas (12/26/00; 39 K)

Blair's attempt to surprise Jim turns into unexpected turmoil for both of them.

Trapped Trapped (6/21/01; 410 K) OR
Part 1 (206 K) • Part 2 (204 K)

After a particularly hard case for Blair, the men of Major Crime take off for a relaxing week in a cabin in the woods. Takes place late in the second season. Page 1 features a wonderful collage graciously created by CarolROI. Thank you so much Carol!

Tinderbox N5-12: Tinderbox (12/20/01)
A virtual episode for Novation Productions, co-authored with Ismaro

When a disturbing arson case sets Jim and Blair at each other's throat, tempers flare, threatening to turn their friendship to ashes. (Image to the left courtesy of CarolROI.) Please Note! This link takes you to them main Novation Productions page; scroll down towards the bottom and click on Novation's Season Schedule & Previous Episodes to get to Tinderbox.

Fear Fear Factor (5/9/02; 392 K) OR
Part 1 (196 K) • Part 2 (198 K)

Jim's reaction to Blair's being in another dangerous situation is both unexpected and unexplainable. Takes place late in the third season, but before all the nastiness of Night Shift. (Image to the left courtesy of CarolROI.)

Father's Day Happy Father's Day (7/12/02, 7 K)

Jim and Blair experience angst over Father's Day, but for different reasons.

Carry Over Carry Over (2/11/03, 11 K)

A falling out between Jim and Blair leaves Blair out in the cold. (Image to the left courtesy of CarolROI.)

Christmas Memories .
Christmas Memories (6/11/03, 149 K)

While on a long, boring stakeout Jim and Blair share past Christmas memories. Later, other usually buried feelings are confronted by both men. Takes place early in the first season. (Image to the left courtesy of CarolROI.)

Places to Be Places to Be (6/20/04, 11 K)

An epilogue for Warriors. Blair still has some unresolved issues to deal with. Jim just doesn't get it.

New Challenge A New Challenge (9/27/07; 303 K) OR 
Part 1 (97 K) • Part 2 (81 K) • Part 3 (63 K) • Part 4 (67 K) •

Background: This AU story takes place in modern day Cascade where sentinels and guides are known and highly respected. It's also a world where the institution of slavery was never abolished and is considered a normal part of everyday life. 
Summary: Detective Jim Ellison unexpectedly finds himself the owner of an abused, but very unique, slave who has a major impact on his life.

All uncredited pictures courtesy of Starfox's wonderful website, Starfox's Mansion.

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